IT & Cloud Infrastructure Services


Cloud Services include:

  • Inventory of Hardware and Software Assets.
  • Rationalization of Infrastructure Assets for Cloud – includes virtualization, consolidation.
  • Evaluation of Cloud stack – OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud, EC2.
  • Cloud Architecture and Roadmap – identify the type of cloud (private, public, and hybrid) and identify the technical roadmap for migrating to cloud.

Audit of Infrastructure assets and processes to assess:

  • Security
  • Utilization of servers, network equipment, storage arrays, etc.
  • Deployment architecture.
  • Service Management capabilities based on ITIL compliance, ISO 20000.

Performance Management Services include:

  • Planning for Consolidation & Virtualization of Infrastructure assets to improve utilization.
  • Benchmarking critical business applications based on use-cases, number of concurrent users, min/median/max response times, synchronicity of business transactions, etc.

Disaster Recovery Services include:

  • Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Strategy, for all critical business applications, based on RTO/RPO

Cloud Security Services include

  • IT cloud-based security services including secure email or web gateways, identity and access management (IAM), remote vulnerability assessment, security information and event management
  • Assessment, Audit & Advisory Services for Perimeter Security, Data Security, Application Security, Identity and Authentication Management

Other Services include:

  • Data Center design using optimal space and airflow constraints.
  • Technical evaluation of IT Infrastructure vendors for servers, network equipment, storage solutions, load balancers, firewalls, middleware, databases, virtualization, etc.