finacea-logoOur flagship product finacéa is a complete banking solution for Co-operative Banks/ Societies, Micro finance Institutions, Chit Funds etc. Kainobay’s finacéa is  built using advanced web technologies which makes it secure for your organization, scalable when you grow, stable and economical. Its platform-independent and  open-system architecture gives your society/ bank the freedom to choose the infrastructure of your choice. finacéa can also be hosted on cloud, providing affordable banking solutions especially for small and medium scale banks and cooperative societies.

Pay as you Grow ! We Grow with You !

It has a single window transaction interface and can be parameterized ground up as per your business needs. finacéa can be easily integrated with electronic delivery channels. Using powerful and extensive MIS reports of finacéa , man power can be better utilized for back end operations rather than data consolidation. Its multi-layered and structured open architecture enables easy upgrades without losing any of your specific customizations or data that you have already configured.

If you are looking at automation options for your

  • Co-operative society or bank
  • Financial Institution which manages
    • Gold Loans
    • Mortgage Loans
    • Vehicle loans
    • Chit Funds etc.

then, this is a perfect ERP solution for you. It will meet your current workflow needs and will be scalable in future when your organization continues to grow.

Please download finacéa brochure here.

Salient Features

  • Centralized Core Banking facilities across branches
  • Flexible Workflow Automation using Parameterization
  • Highly Secured SSL enabled data transfer
  • Technologically Advanced Solution using Service Oriented N-tier Architecture Platforms
  • Easy Information Accessibility
  • Full-fledged audit trail
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Flexible Business Models  – Rental / Complete Ownership


  • Customer Management
  • Accounts Management
    • Bank, Branch Accounts
    • Normal, Suspense Accounts
  • Shares Management
  • Deposits
    • Savings Deposits
    • Fixed
    • Recurring
  • Chit Fund Management /Group Deposits (GDS)
  • Loans
    • Term Loans
    • Mortgage Loans
    • Vehicle Loans
    • Surety Loans
    • Gold Loans
  • Locker Management
  • Bills Management
  • MIS Reports